Community Guidelines

1. This Community Guideline does not require any physical, electronic, or digital signature. Please read this document carefully. By using the RainbowLuv Mobile Application/Website owned by Limited (hereinafter referred to as 'Platform'), you indicate that you have read, understood and shall abide by this Community Guidelines.

2. These guidelines apply to all of your content and activity on our Platform, as well as interactions you may have with other users of our Platform. The guidelines are also periodically reviewed and updated. Any violation of these guidelines may result in the removal of your content or your account from our Platform and may even result in a permanent ban from our service. Our guidelines are to be followed by every user of this community. If you find any of the users violating any of these, please report to us right away.

Not for Minors:

3. RainbowLuv is for adults ONLY. You must have completed 18 years of age to use the Platform. Any use of the Platform by any person less than 18 years of age will lead to closure of the account.

Do No Harm:

4. We do not tolerate physical violence or mental torture or disturbing content. We expect you to join the community with the only purpose to find the right partner and not harass or to cause any kind of harm to other user by any means.

Appropriate Message:

5. You are requested to not take advantage of the Platform and use it for sending inappropriate messages. The messages are to be respectful and appropriate while being sent to others.

Hate, Violence, and offensive content:

6. You are not permitted to issue or share or any form of hate and/or offensive content. Further no form of violence or harassment shall be tolerated. Receipt of complaint of violence or harassment or offensive content, along with supporting proof would result in your account being banned from RainbowLuv. We also reserve rights and discretion to remove content that we find too graphic, offensive, or insensitive and hurtful, even if there was no ill intent.

Nudity and Sexual Content:

7. We do not allow any signs or images or any form of expression of pornography or sexually explicit nudity profiles. The member shall desist from any depictions of self-harm or suicide. Any such contents, once it is brought to the notice of Rainbowluv, shall be removed forthwith and such user account shall be suspended forthwith. Sharing of photos or videos without the consent of the recipient user is prohibited. If such instance is brought to the notice of Rainbowluv, user account shall be suspended.


8. Any profiles impersonating other people, including celebrities, will be banned. Any contents posted on our Platform should be of you or by you and should represent yourself truthfully.

Private information

9. We do ask for confidential details. Please do not publish any private information that belongs to you or anyone else on the Platform. Unwelcome solicitation of another user's personal information, prompting users to visit outside links, or any kind of spamming or scamming will get you suspended or banned from using the services of Platform.

Promotion and Solicitation

10. RainbowLuv is not a Platform for growing your business. Any form of marketing or business activity by any user will lead to a ban or suspension your account. We urge the users to not to share any financial information with any other user for receiving money.


11. The following reasons can result in your account being suspended or banned: Practice of any form of drug or banned narcotic substances promotion

  • (i) Creation of fake or multiple accounts
  • (ii) Promoting or advocating prostitution, human trafficking or other non-consensual sexual acts
  • (iii) Copyright and Trademark infringement is reported
  • (iv) Performing any other illegal act

How to report

12.If you notice any other person breaching the terms and conditions, privacy policy or community guidelines, please report to RainbowLuv. You can also block such users.

13. Finally, if you would like to report any incident, let us know at We also recommend you report to appropriate statutory authorities.